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Growing up, I was the fourth of five children. We were all very close in age. Fiver children born within the span of 6 years. I was always fascinated with my siblings' unique perspectives given we had similar DNA, diet, upbringing, and life experiences. We all saw the world in totally unique and different ways.

Finding my own voice was a challenge. I learned to be reflective of my lived experience in the work that I wanted to do helping students to find successful. I feel that student success is about attitude just as much as it is about grades. These days, I’m fortunate to have translated this ability into a successful career working with students of all ages.

Understanding the human experience of going to college and the transformative process of education has held my fascination for my entire career, going on over 20 years. To find out more or to discuss a potential project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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